Back to Green Land

The idea and initiative of ‘Back to Green Land” originated from young people who want to intensify the attention amongst their peers about existing climate change and strengthen the awareness of how this significant threat is facing the entire planet. “Back to Green Land” aim is to aid youth to further understanding of what is climate and how the human can contribute to climate variability. To let young people learn from our planet and its resources, exchange about efficient methods how to protect environment simultaneously enhancing the positive aspects of natural green land. We want to aid young people to realize the importance of protection in small communities whilst simultaneously becoming globally aware of issues to climate change, using diverse non-formal learning methods and activities in a multicultural context. “Back to Green Land” will foster a platform for its participants to find these answers for themselves and get empowered to share this knowledge in their communities ever after.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To facilitate the exchange of exploration, experience, expression and knowledge on unconventional ideas to increase awareness on a global level within a group of 42 young people;
  • To improve solidarity and dialogue, realizing current issues faced by community, with the encouragement to find a solution as an active European citizen with a motion to connect Europe as one;
  • To strengthen mutual understanding and establishing ways to work together between young people from different countries;
  • To prepare the group to experience environmentally friendly activities – treasure hunt, hiking, debates about eco topics, study visits, recycling workshops, greening, creation on motivational video, traditional evenings, etc;
  • To involve youth with fewer opportunities (minorities, youngsters from rural areas, economic or social obstacles);
  • To disseminate significant impact on local, national and international level.

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