“Be Sustainable, don’t WASTE your future” PART 2

We took a part in this beautiful project, which was happening in an even more beautiful place in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, between 12. – 20. September 2019. As the title says, our focus was on how to bring more sustainability into today’s world.

Now read some statements from our participants:

It was a very exciting project. I met a lot of enthusiastic people and learned About Good practices in other countries. I got really inspired to do even more for sustainable living on this planet.” Anči


“It was an amazing feeling to be in a group of people, where everyone cares about the environment. I had an opportunity to hear many different ideas, which they applied in their countries. At the same time, with the help of each one’s creativity, we invented different new ideas or adapted the old ones, to solve known issues in today’s sustainability, right on the place, what was quite challenging. I was amazed by how clever all these young people are. We all came together with the goal to learn something that could be applicable and that was successful. In addition to that, we had a lot of fun and made so many new friendships and memories which we will remember forever. Marek


🇧🇬 “Be Sustainable, don’t WASTE your future” PART 2🇧🇬
= environmental protection, sustainable development, smart and responsible use our resource. This training course based on the non-formal education gather 33 participants coming from 10 countries representing: the hosts Academy of Success – Bulgaria; Udruga Ludbreg – Croatia; Green Spirit – Greece; Euro Sud – Italy; Tavo Europa – Lithuania; Eko-Zhivot – North Macedonia; RCV Kielce – Poland; GEYC – Romania; MOTHER FLOWER – Slovakia and Youth Seasons – Turkey.

More photos here: www.facebook.com/aosbg

Stara zagora - be sustainable