Nature Calling! (22.-31.3.2019)

• Climate change is one of the most threatening issues in the world today. It is clearly one of the greatest destabilizing forces which blasts global economy, worsens human health and leads to a huge damage for our future and the future of the planet.
• Despite the growing interest in climate change – education, awareness-raising and spreading the knowledge among youngsters still need to be implemented urgently.
• According to our survey conducted among youngsters aged between 18 – 25 years, from different slovak high schools, 65% of respondents doesn’t know about any local ecological activity in which they can participate.
• By means of this project, we attempt to raise the ecological awareness of young Europeans, educate them on the topic of climate change and environmental protection.

Aims & Objectives
-Develop the knowledge about climate change, environmental prevention and protection
-Strengthen digital competences to raise ecological awareness
-Promote intercultural dialogue for acceptance and tolerance of diversity
-Share local or national examples, experience and best practice in protection natural heritage
-Raise ecological awareness
-Promote sense of initiative among youngsters
-Strength Communication skills as Public speaking