The initiative and idea of “EGO VS ECO” originated from young proactive people who want to emphasize the importance of existing worldwide pollution issues and develop pro-environmental behaviour amongst their peers to reduce harmful actions both in their community and globally. Together step by step we aim to change the current threat from pollution to a solution.



The Objectives of the project:

– Explore, experience and express unconventional ideas that would increase awareness of environment pollution within a group of 42 young people using informal learning methods;
– Raise curiosity about environment protection;
– Evaluate how an individual can impact the environment with his/her daily actions;
– Improve solidarity and intercultural dialogue;
– Experience 7 specific activities: Hiking, creation of motivational videos, treasure hunting, diving or snorkeling, flash mobbing, greening and recycling;
– Increase the engagement of the active European citizens;
– Include young people with fewer opportunities (economic, educational, social difficulties, from isolated areas).