Urban Gree+n

Vzhľadom na príležitosť propagovať eko-zelené aktivity a biodiverzitu sme vybrali dvoch partnerov z TR a SK, ktorí majú skúsenosti v zelených projektoch, najmä v oblasti biodiverzity. Vzhľadom na analýzu potrieb, ktorá bola vykonaná vo fáze písania projektu. Rozhodli sme sa pre rozvoj aktivít pre projekt KA210 Ciele projektu: 1. Zvýšenie […]

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The initiative and idea of “EGO VS ECO” originated from young proactive people who want to emphasize the importance of existing worldwide pollution issues and develop pro-environmental behaviour amongst their peers to reduce harmful actions both in their community and globally. Together step by step we aim to change the […]

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EcoYouth – Armenia/Luxemburg

The Objectives of the project:–  To create educational tools for youth workers, that they can use during the youth projects–  To empower youth workers and youth leaders with the skills of making projects more sustainable and environmentally responsible–  To emphasis the value of environment-friendliness of the EU projects and specifically […]

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Urban Jungle

The youth exchange will bring together 25 international young people to raise awareness about the benefits of green urban spaces among young adults, The “Urban Jungle” project will provide a suite of green interventions using creative approach. We will be using interactive non-formal education methods in a multicultural context, as […]

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Be Sustainable, don’t WASTE your future

We took a part in this beautiful project, which was happening in an even more beautiful place in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2018. As the title says, our focus was on how to bring more sustainability into today’s world. Peter: „Training full of young profesionals and youth workers deeply understnading the […]

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