Urban Gree+n

Given the opportunity we have to promote eco-green activities and biodiversity we selected two partners from TR and SK who have expertise in green projects , especially on biodiversity . Given needs analysis that was done in the Writing Stage of the project. We decided development of activities for project KA210

The Objectives of the project:

1. Increasing the knowledge and skills regarding biodiversity and eco-green activities for 600 young people (18-25 years old) who will study the Booklet, for a period of 15M from the local communities RO-Corbeanca, TR-Belen and Rabca-SK. This goal will be achieved through study visits to each local community and the development of the GREEN digital booklet

2. Exchange of experience and good practices between the 3 partners, by involving 36 experts in the 3 study visits between M4-M8. This goal will be achieved through meetings with local stakeholders.

3. Cross-sectoral development for the 3 partners through Brokerage Events and Multiplier Events (involvement of a total of 30 stakeholders and 21 youth organizations). These events will be performed in RO, TR and SK .

4 .Increasing the organizational capacity through close cooperation between the 3 partners and study visits from TR, RO and SK).