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Was ist Mother FloweR?

Maybe it is something similar to Mother Earth. Mother Flower is something that is part of Mother Earth and helps it grow to the good direction at the same time
I think it refers to the origin of everything what we got here on Earth. Everything had a beginning down there in the ground just. So did the FloweR
I imagine that this organisation is a great example of how young people can cooperate to create great things
the symbol of a mother's undying love - faith, love, beauty
I imagine the name of the organization connects with nature itself. Mother Flower as in the nature (flower) being our mother, that's at least how it resonated with me
Sounds very carrying to me, because that’s what mothers do. Flower is something natural, fresh, pretty
I think it means the meaning of our planet. Why is it important to care about nature, sort waste, and things about how is it all connected to people. That's my opinion about "Mother Flower"
everything that can work without human intervention
Other love
our civic association Haha 😅 just kidding, everything around us for us and everything that humanity is trying to destroy.
I imagine that it represent care about environmental problems, no just stare idly by how drasticlly is our planet destroyed.
The organization which teaches people how to be more eco and live in peace with nature.
I imagine a harmonious organisation with the aim to blossom and flourish.
"Mother FloweR" represents an object, or organism, that consists of many different parts (like a different part of a single flower) yet creates a connected unity, when we look at it. This "Mother FloweR" could be the Earth itself with all the living organisms (humans included),
creating one single entity, when we look at it from the distance- the space. This entity consists of an enormous number of different parts, yet all the parts must work and cooperate for the flower to live- something like nature and humans as well.
I imagine some kind of movement based on eco-friendly ideology
It's referring to mother nature maybe?
Once you pick up a garbage from nature you'll never throw any.
someone who guiding other people to care about the earth and nature
mother = earth flower= that can only bloom in ideal conditions and we can also - live and bloom only if we have ideal conditions, the earth gives them to us, we have to be grateful for them and realize that if we do not have them, we will die. we will no longer be a flower ? just guessing
Zero waste consumption?
Our smallnesst against the greatness of our nature
without any browsing - I imagine Mother Earth - green, blue and colourful
I imagine the flowers in the nature - the mother of the nature. So I suppose that the main objective and aim of this organisation is to raise awareness in a topic of protecting the nature, minimalism, sustainability, nature protection
I imagine the flower to be the mother of nature. The basic pillar of life. The fruit of society. Flowers, just like mothers, give unconditionally, without any expectations of getting something in return. They are selfless, yet we take them for granted. We treat them with disrespect, yet without them, there would be no “us”
Our planet
In my opinion, Mother Flower means helping our mother=Earth by protecting flowers= nature.
It comes to me as the combination of two phrases - Mother Nature and Flower Power. It associates the idea of peaceful, but yet powerful actions for help
I imagine planet Earth covered in beautiful green nature with waterfalls and animals.
Mother nature flourishes where is no humanity
A flowerhead consists of the "central disc" ( the mother nature) and to it petals are connected (the petals represent us - people). Both of them are meaningful and most beautiful when living in perfect symbiosis - creating a beautiful flower.
The name represents our mother planet and despite the name of the project the founders were "egoistic" enough to highlight their first initials.
I think it means that nature was here a looong time before we got on this planet and it takes a care of us like our moms do. It gave us the ability to live.
Mother of nature who take care of her children (which is all ecosystem). She is secure them against outside effects who are people these days who doesn't care about nature and think that nature is just us so we can use how we want
Well, I could not have helped but notice the name is suspiciously similar to certain imprecation in English language and seeing your logo supports this notion. But apart from making a clever pun, looking at the two words separately, "mother" indicates birth and life and "flower" evokes a sense of fragility in me, so I'm gonna say maybe you're trying to implicate how fragile our planet is
Having lost my mum not so long ago, I now realize more than ever the importance of having a mother. Mother is someone who loves you unconditionally, expecting nothing in return, much like our planet, which we decided to exploit just so we can have more money and live in greater comfort. But we're walking on thin ice here, quite literally, messing with Earth's natural state of equilibrium, which is very brittle, not taking into consideration the earth doesn't belong to us only
Everything what we can make for nature and earth
The flowers is a symbol of love and respect for me.It is a sign of rebirth and hope. Also the word Mother evokes a feeling of love and strength in me. So I think that the connection between mother and flower is a hope for a better future and the power of Mother Earth to overcome all problems in the world and born again.
LOL. It is usually used as a nicer and politeish way of saying "mother fucker". Perhaps those mother fuckers are people not acting environmentally friendly and as the organisation is trying to build a responsible community of sustainable development, use used that nicer but also very creative naming. Thanks for making me think about the origin of you name!
It promotes caring for our mother earth.
The first flower on our Earth.(the beginning of life)
Mother flower. What does it mean? I imagine that it can be meant in the sense that as a mother gives life to her children, plants give life to all people on the Earth. Thus flowers or plants in generall are our mother that gives life to us
I think it means mother earth but with the highlited awareness of plants, ecology, nature, enviroment
Mother Flower reminds me of the goddess Gaia, Mother Nature, who gave us all life and who needs to be protected
Better future for all of us and our planet
Symbolical representation of power of flowers which are part of mother nature
It could represent the connection to Mother Earth (with the word Mother Flower), also we are killing nature (flowers) by plastic pollution - rubbish ( R in the FloweR), the rubbish has sadly became a part of the flower, but that’s why we are here to change it right?
To me, it symbolises the power behind nature and the gentle yet persistent movement to protect our planet
I am imagine full colour of natures like flowers, forests, beaches and all of that stuff in same place
M and R are capital letters, so it may evoke a man :) but honestly, I imagine our life on Earth - because the day when there will be no flower means the day there will be no human
Eve´s favourite flower in Eden garden
I imagine nice and green environment of which is taken care, something untouched, not destroyed, something that gives us hope
When it is “MOTHER” i imagine something that teaches us as moms usually does and flower can represent a nature. So something that is educating in the sphere of nature
Somethink like MotherFucker but totally diferent
The Mother of nature and enviroment. As the Mother trhy to protect her child, Mother Flower try to protect enviroment