Urban Gree+n

Given the opportunity we have to promote eco-green activities and biodiversity we selected two partners from TR and SK who have expertise in green projects , especially on biodiversity . Given needs analysis that was done in the Writing Stage of the project. We decided development of activities for project […]

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“Be Sustainable, don’t WASTE your future” PART 2

We took a part in this beautiful project, which was happening in an even more beautiful place in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, between 12. – 20. September 2019. As the title says, our focus was on how to bring more sustainability into today’s world.

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Back to Green Land

The idea and initiative of ‘Back to Green Land” originated from young people who want to intensify the attention amongst their peers about existing climate change and strengthen the awareness of how this significant threat is facing the entire planet. “Back to Green Land” aim is to aid youth to […]

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Nature Calling! (22.-31.3.2019)

• Climate change is one of the most threatening issues in the world today. It is clearly one of the greatest destabilizing forces which blasts global economy, worsens human health and leads to a huge damage for our future and the future of the planet.
• Despite the growing interest in climate change – education, awareness-raising and spreading the knowledge among youngsters still need to be implemented urgently.

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Conference Trenčín (29.03.2019 – 14:00)

Climate changes – share problems, solutions and good examples

and much more…

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